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design by Alexey Chugunnikov

Чашка-кактус ( Cactus Cup)

826май 2012     Отличный подарок для любителей чая и кактусов. Силикон и стеклянная колба.   Are you mad about your morning cup of tea or coffee as much as we are? Let’s try to make this process more exciting. Are you ready? Here we go. Just imagine your office desk – you have so many things to use. There probably are a laptop, a business diary and a photo frame with a funny picture from your last trip, pens and pencils, and at least one sweet potted flower there. It’s possible you won’t even have a place to put your lovely new tea or coffee cup. Set your mood. Let it be a cactus instead of a usual cup on your table. Looks like a potted flower, but fits the workspace.  Bright silicone covering prevents your fingers from suffering a burn of a hot cup. Moreover, you could use it like a stress reliever or an innovative hand massager. You could even take a trip to Mexico for a moment and come back to office full of ideas and with an inspiration for an effective working day.  
Size: cup: H = 11.4 cm, Ø 8.2 cm; saucer: H = 2.5 cm, Ø 10.9 cm Volume: 20 ml Materials: silicone, glass
    Изготовлено в 2014 году Designed specifically for "F.O.R." Разработано специально для "F.O.R."