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design by Alexey Chugunnikov

Свёртыш (Rollerphone)

2009   Let me introduce the concept of mobile phone "Rolerphone". This phone looks like an open ring of the innovative materials that allow easy to put him on the wrist and also easy to remove.You do not drop out it of the hands also this phone will always be like a clock on your arm. The feature of this phone - collapsible and deployable (as tape-measure) flexible transparent touch screen with different functions for the best diving in the entertainment process. How to use Rollerphone: 1. Put on it on your wrist 2. Turn the wrist palm up 3. Pull the screen is exactly the length of the hand and consolidate the elements of the case of the phone at your fingertips 4. Rollerphone is ready! Define the objectives (call a friend, watch the video and so on) 5. Use it with PLEASURE 6. For completing turn off the screen. Phone will be into standby mode. When talking on the phone press the speakers to the ear.Speak to the microphone, which is located in the main body casing of the telephone (on your wrist). Since the length of the phone is determined by the length from wrist to fingertips, then position the speaker and microphone will be optimal for human physiology. This phone is easy to use due to ergonomics and anthropometry and in addition it is a multimedia center. You can watch videos, chat online, play games, read books and listen to music. Phone decorated with clocks, time is projected onto the outside of the wrist. There are the sensors of a battery and received signal level on the body of Rollerphone. Powered phone is due to rechargeable batteries from the mains. The phone supports all the standard wireless transmission of information by which you can listen to music, talk and operate the machine at the same time.